Building Long Term Power with Syeda Bano

Meet our South Asian Community Organizer & Field Coordinator

[Image descriptions: Text reads “Syeda Bano”. Image of scattered native Georgia flora over a layered watercolor background in shades of pink, blue, and purple. Flora include: Crossvine (with bee), and a Cherokee Rose. At the center is a circle image of Syeda in an empowered pose with a direct gaze at camera. She is wearing an off-white hijab, black shirt, and burnt orange pants. Her background is a room with aqua walls. Below is text “I want to create a world where social justice isn’t something people negotiate on, where people are given inherent, universal human rights.” Bottom center is Asian American Advocacy Fund’s organizational logo and “Georgia on my mind” above a Monarch butterfly.]

About Syeda

A photograph of young Syeda looking at the camera. She is smiling with a backwards baseball cap on her head.
Syeda (age 5) at Stone Mountain, GA
An image of Syeda speaking with two people on a sidewalk.
Syeda at Atlanta Juloos (2018), Annual Procession
An image of Syeda speaking on stage with a microphone at an at an event.
Syeda speaking at Atlanta Juloos (2019), Annual Procession
An illustration of a person wearing a traditional Pakistani outfit in shades of pink, over a starry pastel background.
Illustration by Daira Galindo



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